Established in 2001, Torresi Excavations has specialised in tight access landscaping and clearing work. We have worked on large and small scale building sites, schools, gardens and private homes. If you have a renovation project, we can  help safely and efficiently:  


  • Level your land


  • Dig a pool


  • Dig a pond


  • Remove vegetation 


  • Remove trees


  • Dig footings for house extensions


  • Dig footings for a new fence


  • Dig trenches for plumbing work.


  • Dig trenches for electrical work.


  • Break & remove concrete.


  • Drill holes in the ground


  • Move nursery supplies such as soil, rock, mulch etc


  • Remove unwanted clutter and rubbish and take it to the tip.



If you have other needs which you think may be met with our expertise and equpment, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for advice.